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Andressa Loss Guimarães

Graduated in Pedagogy from the Faculty of Sciences and Letters of Colatina, Postgraduate in Municipal Public Management from the Federal Institute of Espírito Santo and Master in Education Science from the American University. She worked as a Elementary School Teacher for the Early Years, High School/Teaching Teacher, Advisor for Study Groups of the Pact for Strengthening Secondary Education (PNEM) and Online Tutor for the Tax Education Disseminators Course (ESAF). She currently works as a Pedagogue at the State School of Elementary and Secondary Education Ecoporanga and Special Education and Project Advisor at the Municipal Department of Education and Culture of Ecoporanga. Email:


Vinícius da Silva Santos

Biologist. Master in Education and Technologies. Email:


Sérgio Rodrigues de Souza

Philosopher. Sociologist. Scientific Consultant. Email:


This article addresses the theme 'ethics formed from stigmas'. Its scientific relevance applies to the fact that it contributes to science by having a more characteristic direction in the training of professionals who intend to work in the areas of human and social sciences. Its social relevance lies in the fact that it can help to, if not resolve, at least reduce the contingency of abuses and the creation of values without the slightest criteria. Its relevance to the human sciences lies in aspects linked to in-depth studies of human thought, especially the unconscious and how ethics can be worked on as a form of growth for human beings. This is a bibliographical, analytical research, based on social thought and philosophical development. With the creation of Psychoanalysis, analyzes about the human experience with peers and its nuances with the supernatural became more susceptible to questioning about becoming and what one is and why it is not otherwise. The constructs of morality as a doctrine lead human beings to an inner conflict that manifests itself in actions that can never be explained in the light of another science, without its support. What emerges, as a broader discussion, is how the human being was able to create something that diminished himself in the face of the cosmos?

Keywords: Ethics. Stigma. Society. Individual and collective thinking.

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