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 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10116613


Sérgio Rodrigues de Souza

Pedagogue. PhD student in Educational Sciences at the Facultad Interamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Asunción, Paraguay.


Renata Mônica Pacheco Nichio

Pedagogue. Teacher at the Municipal Education Network of Cariacica - ES. Master's student in Educational Sciences at the Facultad Interamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Asunción, Paraguay.


This article deals with the subject related to learning processes through reading. It is a subject that remains current, because the decoding of the symbols of nature, that is, their previous reading, so that they could be known and interpreted until they are understood is an action inherent to human thought. Here, specifically, it is about the reading of books, texts, in which it is intended that the child, of school age, does so in an acinct way. This is a bibliographical study, based on the thoughts of authors who deal with the subject and on the pedagogical practice, translated through the realization of experiences with the practice of teaching reading in the classroom. Reading, by favoring the dialectic relationship between the reader and the elements elaborated by the author (ideas and images), allows the establishment of the construction of meanings from the connection with the reader's daily life and the previously acquired knowledge, resulting in the improvement of the capacity to learn, overcoming the mere reception of contents, for which there is not always the due cognitive interest. For the production and development of reading, motivation is needed not only from external factors (contact with the book, economic conditions to acquire it), but mainly from internal factors (having a pleasant and meaningful experience, wanting to read, reading for some purpose ).

Keywords: Reading. Reading teaching. Reading and interpretation. Reading experiences.

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