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 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7046454


Marcio de Freitas Santa Ana

Industrial Process Consultant, Production Engineer and MSc. in Material Sciences and Technologies,


Roseli da Conceição Silva de Freitas Santa Ana

Environmental Management Consultant, Environmental Management and Graduate in Engineering

Environmental and Quality Indicators


This article discusses the increasing use of new technological resources applied to the teaching-learning process, possibilities that reconfigure pedagogical practice in the modern and globalized world. These new ways of communicating through these technologies have favored the teaching of Distance Education (EAD) in which it becomes imminent that teachers have to discuss and insert themselves in this context, of a new learning process. Presenting the relevance of the use of new technologies has a fundamental role in the teaching/learning process in how to manage these new resources, and for the teacher the challenge is to deal with this current reality, its acceptance and search for training. Teaching needs continuous analysis, since it is a complex process that indicates an understanding of the increasingly global and digital world, in which the various relationships in the organizational set of Teaching Institutions assimilate the dialogic of teaching. evolution of technology regarding the benefits and importance of its use in the teaching-learning process and the contribution of technology to the development of student autonomy, the need to educate educators about the important association of technologies in the construction of student autonomy becomes axiomatic, and development of qualification and performance in the labor market.

Keywords: Technological Resources. Distance Education. teaching.

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