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Clarice Gomes de Almeida

Doctoral student in the Professional Course in Education and Technology at the Instituto Federal Sul-Riograndense- Campus Pelotas/RS, Master's in Teaching and Specialization in Education and Cultural Diversity at the Federal University of Pampa. Graduated in Pedagogy from the Universidade da Região da Campanha. She is currently an educational advisor at Escola Estadual de Ensino Fundamental Dr. Arnaldo Faria – Bagé/RS. Participates in the Philos Sophias Research Group – Research Line: Education and Contemporary Philosophies.



Dulce Mari da Siva Voss

Graduated in Social Studies - Full Degree in History, Specialist in Education, Master in Education and Doctor in Education from the Federal University of Pelotas. Associate Professor at the Federal University of Pampa – Campus Bagé. He works in the area of Education in Undergraduate Courses – Licentiate and Postgraduate courses. Permanent professor of the Graduate Program Academic Master in Teaching. Leader of the Philos Sophias Research Group. In his studies and research, he works with poststructuralist theories and philosophies of difference in Nietzsche, Foucault, Deleuxze, Guattari, Esponosa, Rolnik, Pilbart. His subjects of study and research are: educational policies, teaching work, curriculum reforms, social movements, childhood, youth, decolonialities, intersectionalities, bodies, sons-in-law, sexuality, ethnicities and blackness.

Email: dulcevoss @ gmail . com


Abstract: This work reverberates felt crossings that were produced in the exercise of educational guidance in a school on the outskirts of the city of Bagé (RS). It seeks to think of educational guidance as a crossing, as a way of forging thought to move critically, from the historical origins, which produced the modern school and the institutional place in a first assistentialist moment of Educational Guidance as devices of government of the conducts of “undisciplined children”, deviant, to other possible arrangements, aimed at the production of other meanings in the art of educating through sensitive listening, dialogue, inventing paths that involve the training of teachers. A journey inspired by Deleuze-Guattarian thoughts, Foucault and other thinkers of the Philosophy of Difference, who open gaps in this path creating possibilities of a bold philosophical thinking in the experimentation of the care of the self and others in the creation of an ethics and aesthetics of existences . A proposal that challenges Cartesian thinking, proposing new perspectives, new directions for the Educational Guidance Service (S.O.E) exercised in the daily life of schools. In this way, a militant action in the field of Educational Guidance is desired with the affirmation of life and child becomings that transmute in a rhizomatic way, going beyond therapist and assistance practices.

Keywords : Educational guidance; teacher training; disciplinary power; child becomings.

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