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 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7916643


Liliane Rodrigues de Araújo

Master in Education. Pedagogue at the State Department of Education of Espírito Santo – SEDU (ES).


Raquel Rodrigues Telles

Graduated in Languages-Portuguese (UFES). Portuguese Language and Writing and Expression Teacher at Rede Alternativo de Ensino - Serra (ES)


Sergio Rodrigues in souza

Pedagogue. Postdoctoral in Psychology. Athena Educational Institute. Scientific consultant.


This article addresses the applicability of Law 10.639/03 in student learning about African history and culture. Its scientific relevance lies in expanding research around teaching on this topic, which has become mandatory in the Brazilian educational network. Its objective is to carry out an analysis of Law 10.639/2003 and what can be achieved through teaching praxis. It is a bibliographical research. The obstacle to teaching African history and culture is the philosophical, sociological, phenomenological, epistemological and empirical unpreparedness of those who teach the contents, which leads, as a consequence, to distorted learning about the target object of systematic studies. Education should face the teaching of Africanity in schools as culture; not as a favor or something you are obligated to fulfill on the calendar. Slavery should cease to be inherent in the waste of humanity, as no one is a slave; people were, and still are, in many cases, enslaved. The term slave naturalizes the condition of people having the pessimistic, pejorative and prejudiced idea that, unfortunately, was being built during the history of mankind. The teaching of Afro culture in most schools is still related to slavery and suffering, having the impression that history has not evolved in conquests and achievements, positive contributions to the social construction of the nation. The stories told in most schools are mostly research related to the aspect of suffering, pain or, in a way, without the slightest preparation to discuss religions of African origin, passing, with this, aspects of negativity.

Keywords: Afro-Brazilian culture; Federal Law n. 10,639/03; Education.

THE APPLICABILITY OF LAW 10.639/2003 AND THE TEACHING PRAXIS THE APPLICABILITY OF LAW 10.639/2003 AND THE TEACHING PRAXIS Reviewed by Current Scientific Journal on maio 09, 2023 Rating: 5
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